The Foundation is located in South Florida, we have four locations; in Lake Worth, West Palm Beach and Northlake, each within residential neighborhoods. Each residence is within 2 miles of the beach, 1/4 mile to local restaurants and shops, and directly on or very close to a bus route. There are various employment opportunities in close proximity. The City of West Palm Beach's major shopping areas and the Town of Palm Beach are within 10 miles and are easily accessed by car, bus or bike.

Our programThe Foundation provides supportive, sober residences for people in early recovery who still need monitoring as they practice the skills needed for continued sobriety. Unlike many sober living, halfway or transitional housing we provide an environment that is more conducive to continued sobriety by guiding residents with a firm, but kind hand. We believe that our residents can be successful and we are committed to helping the individual on his/her recovery path.

Our staff includes a seasoned substance dependence professional who understands the disease of addiction, stages of changes, and the various stages of recovery. Random and scheduled drug testing and breath analyzing are monitoring tools that we use and consider essential. Research has proven that scheduled testing is a more effective tool for monitoring sobriety than random testing. However, we understand that these measures need to be balanced with individual interventions and plans that allow the client to regain confidence and direction. Our "Life Recovery Plan" is explained below in the section called "Relapse Prevention Strategy".

The disease of addiction is ominous, yet once in remission it can remain so with continued adherence to the care plan as outlined in treatment and with revaluation of one's goals. Recognizing that the disease of addiction is a family systems disease makes it essential for the inclusion of the family in continued treatment. Specific family members are contacted while the client is in residence and we welcome calls. At this time information is collected that might be beneficial in aiding with relapse prevention.

The staff is committed to the sobriety of the residents and will help to insure that clients are comfortable and feel at home. Specific guidelines will be outlined to each client upon arrival to the house. Please ask for a contract prior to or when visiting the residence.

Relapse Prevention Strategy

Our programMost of our clients recently completed in-patient treatment. While in treatment, they are likely to have developed some coping skills and should be engaged in the early stages of recovery. During this time, they are still fragile. Sometimes in this precarious stage, they may even begin to regress. At this time, it is important that clients are monitored and supervised.

One of the important differences at The Foundation is that the owner is a professional and addiction specialist who meets with the client and helps to determine an individualized relapse prevention strategy. We treat the chronic disease with a fluid and dynamic plan that the client, the family and the staff are involved in developing and monitoring.

Initially, there is an interview process. Our staff professional will review the continuing care plan provided by the previous treatment center to insure compliance with the recommendations from the treatment team. Next, we discuss a personalized life plan that allows the client to begin to crystallize a vision of the future. Obviously, this future includes abstaining from drugs and alcohol. When accepted into the residence, the client begins to formulate a 90-day plan, which culminates into a 6-month short-term life plan. This process helps the individual develop the important skill of planning. The staff will review the plan and work with the clients during recovery care management check-ups.

Finally, the plan addresses specifics that may attribute to relapse or that may have been factors in previous failed treatment. These particulars are reviewed so that the staff clearly understands the strengths and the motivation of each resident.

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